Planning a party can be daunting to some and exciting to others. Fortunately, I LOVE planning a party and would be delighted to help plan yours. 

Once the ‘party seed’ has been sown – together we will feed and water the seed until it blossoms into a beautiful party. 

I can plan most types of parties, from themed birthday parties to christenings you will find me to be adaptable and full of ideas. 

Once we have had an initial discussion, I will email the estimated investment and then all you have to do is accept and the planning will start. 

  • Deciding on where to have the party. 
  • Discussing the theme and style.
  • Determining your budget. 
  • Choosing a date and time.
  • Arranging entertainment and finding the suppliers.
  • Managing  guest list and RSVPs.
  • Sending out invitations.
  • Logistics.
  • Styling and decoration.